...Till The Day We Die

The BadCastCompany name plays off of three best friends Josh Davis, Tyler McDaniel, and Logan Roach., AKA... Juice, T-Mac, and Rev.  What started as a spin on the song from Bad Company and creating a stable with said name and song in wrestling games back in the day; these three friends have done a lot together. From road trips,, Wrestlemanias, pool and basement wrestling matches, podcasting, video gaming, arguing, and so much more. Tyler and Logan even jumped out of a plane together. Whatever they do, the three have always had this Bad Company mentality. So it only seemed accurate to use this in the podcast world too. It started out as a branding of ownership for one show, but who knows what it can lead to. So we hope if you are posting about any of these show, you will use this hashtag with it.

-Cheers To Ya!-


Logan Roach

Logan Roach, a.k.a The Rev of Rants, is the host of The Brewin Up Rants Podcast and Co-Host of many other shows for The #BadCastCompany Productions team. He is a fan of The Alabama Crimson Tide and is a music, collectibles, and nerd enthusiast.

Fun Fact: He has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Tyler Mac is Host of The 30&Nerdy Podcast and Co-Host of other #BadCastCompany shows. He is a lover of all Nerd Culture, but he is a big DC Comics enthusiast.


Fun Fact: He has had dinner with Harrison Ford on 4 different occasions. 


Tyler Mac


Josh Davis

Josh "The Juice Is Loose" Davis is the host of We're Toying With You and Co-Host of other shows under The #BadCastCompany Brand. He is a theatre teacher and fierce Pop collector.


Fun Fact: Ric Flair isn't the only celebrity he's had pictures with.